About us

This is me, Mymona Toffa-Ross.

Reason behind my training:

Growing up in the back streets of Hanover Park in the apartheid era, wasn’t easy. Friday nights were the nights gangsters used to have their rival time. You hide behind doors and beds just to be safe. I must add though that in the 1970’s, it was easy moving around than now. My words are always it is okay, it is growing up in the areas but once you move out don’t take the area with you.

At age 21 being in my own yard, a gang member pointed a gun to my head because I laughed at something funny that happened, however he thought I was laughing at him. Well, needless to say that what happened with my body – I promised myself that this will never happen again. So in April 1981, I took that step of never wanting to feel so vulnerable again.

What made it easy for me to pursue what I am doing was, whilst walking the streets of Hanover Park, you see/hear everything from rape, abuse, house breakings and assaults etc. 

After 35 years of martial arts I have now come to the conclusion that I want to teach self–defense or unarmed combat (although I taught self defense on an occasional basis) and that is the direction I want to follow.

So my enjoyment is going into empowering women to protect themselves.