Here are some safety tips for home:

  • What is the point of installing security gates when you leave it open.
  • Don’t let your kids answer doors.
  • When in the middle of the night and you hear suspicious noises, wake your partner up – don’t try to be a hero.
  • When going out in the evening, leave your TV on and also a light (in different rooms).
  • Leave taps running outside – they entice you to come out or to unlock doors.
  • When leaving in the morning and you have a remote control garage door/gate, wait for it to close before driving off. 
  • Make sure you don’t go into the garage without someone watching your back.
  • People coming to your door playing with your emotions regarding the following scenario: “Looking for money because they have just been evicted out of their homes or that their bank card had been swallowed and wanting money to buy milk for the baby.”

Tips for in the car:

  • Stop taking out your cell phone when stopping at traffic lights and stop streets — whilst doing that you are not aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t drive and text – your focus should be on the street because you can cause accidents.
  • Don’t stop to give anyone assistance or uplift anyone.
  • When you see drivers with their bonnets open – don’t say “agh” shame.
  • Don’t help old ladies looking for help or well dressed men – that is part of a ploy.
  • Be careful for the scenarios of people laying in the street needing assistance.
  • People asking for directions (kidnappers tactic) – distracting you while the other person get close to the car.
  • Leave your window open (don’t close it entirely) as it is more difficult to bash it.
  • When you think someone is following you – drive straight to the nearest police station.

Tips for on the street:

  • Don’t walk around with earphones in listening to music – again you don’t know what is happening around you.
  • Don’t text while walking because that can cause accidents or you can get mugged.
  • If you think that you have been followed – change direction – use the shops windows to check if you are followed – or cross the road.
  • Don’t walk down dark alleys to take a short cut.
  • Avoid getting into taxis with no one in it.
  • Don’t go running in the forest with earphones in – make sure that you have a mate to run with you.
  • Use your keys as knuckle dusters if needed.
  • When on your way to your car whether in a parking area or on the street, take your keys out and keep them in your hand (it can be a weapon for you).
  • If you don’t have pepper spray use your deodorant on the perpetrator.